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Poker Night In America | Season 2, Episode 22 | The Bet That Never Was

From the Rriver’s property in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this is Poker Night in America. [MUSIC] >> Welcome to Poker Night in America. I am your host Chris Hanson, we’re here at Rivers in Pittsburgh for another friendly game of poker and everyone we’ve invited to play seems to be having a lot of fun. In fact, everyone is having such a great time, Shaun Deeb and Greg Mueller decided to share chips at the table as they are playing the same stack orbit by orbit. We’ve got more poker right now on Poker Night in America. We continue day number two.

Jennifer Tilly the biggest winner here on the second day. Up almost 17 thousand and Matt Glantz has not able to catch a break he’s down almost 20 thousand as we continue from Rivers Pittsburgh on Poker Night in America. Action starts with Gavin Smith.

>> On you Gavin. >> Probably busy tweeting something witty. >> Fine. >> It was different the first two hours.

>> Who? >> Me? I just didn’t have hands.

We have hands we get it in. >> Sometimes you’re not unsuited. >> Suited. >> One of the open casting call recipients, David Eldridge, from right here in Pittsburgh, raises.

>> He probably just didn’t have spots for hands. >> Yeah, you re-raised four in a row. >> I’m going to fold. >> Folded and then move all in on the fifth. >> You’re not as quick as I thought you were.

>> That was almost a great grab though. >> Like 35 bigs. >> I certainly didn’t have to have ace king, that’s for sure. >> That was pretty much worse case scenario for me.

>> So we’re heads up with Matt Glantz and Dave Eldridge the flop is queen high. >> I, I can’t believe I folded every hand, I’m so happy. >> On the button.

>> 450 the bet from Eldridge. >> Yeah it really killed the game. >> Two rounds. >> So bad for the game. >> Call from Glantz.

>> Matt’s been all in three times. >> Yeah, Matt’s been all in three, Matt’s been all in- >> Hold on a second. I’m watching the feed over here.

>> I have a suggestion, why don’t you guys just play your own money. >> Phil, there’s not been one situation where I’m going oh, this is Shaun’s money. >> Oh yeah, we all, we all, we all think you’re right. No, nobody thinks you’re right.

>> I do. I do Greg. >> I think you guys should- >> Hold on, hold on Phil are you being, are you being like are you being an idiot right now or no? >> Am I being an idiot? >> Yeah. >> Do you think one player, if you win the bet, if one player agrees with you.

That you and Shaun aren’t playing a lot tighter as a team. All you need is one player to agree. >> Does that include me in that bet?

>> No. >> Hold on a second. >> It’s just to small of a sample size. >> Yeah, thank you.

>> It’s to small of a sample size, it’s been eight hands. >> All I’m trying to say Phil is that- >> All I’m saying is that in 18 hands you’ve played one. >> Hold on, hold on. Like you said to Matt can I talk for a minute. Remember what you were saying to Matt?

If that particular orbit if I was playing my money, your money, Shaun’s money. I would have just played the same. >> Alright so maybe you’re right. Same thing for him? >> I can’t speak for Shaun but I can speak for myself. >> Oh you can’t?

Well then why are you trying to win an argument when you can only argue half of it. Because you said the situation was bad since we were trading the money. >> I said this. I’m so sure of it, and not one player would agree with you. >> I already agreed with him.

>> He’s already agreed with us. >> I know, I know what hands I would’ve played. >> Exactly. >> And if anything I would play more hands, because I think it would be funny to burn some of his money. >> Here’s what I’ll do.

We can call five professional poker players, and we can bet. >> You already lost this bet. What did I win?

You said if there is one person out of nine, you lose. >> Yes, you won that bet, yes. So now I’m offering another bet.

Now, I’ve got 10,000- >> So, so all we can do is we’re running it twice, and we’re free-rolling. Okay, call your five guys, if they agree, we’re 1-1. And then we’ll talk about a third bet. [LAUGH] >> You want to bet it or not?

>> I have a solution. It would be better if you guys continue to do what you’re doing, but just don’t split the money. When you’re in, it’s your money. When he’s in… >> It’s not, it’s just so much more complicated to do that. >> Right everyone will be happier, right Phil?

>> I like it the way they’re doing it. >> Greggy >> I wouldn’t play this if I wasn’t playing with somebody else’s money. [LAUGHING] >> So I like to gamble Greg. Here’s what we’ll do.

We’ll call two professional poker players. >> You can’t prove the situation Phil, it’s like for one time. >> I agree with you. >> I love you to death.

>> Okay so I agree with your point, so can I keep talking? >> There’s nothing to discuss you don’t know my hole cards. >> There’s nothing to discuss. >> No, not in this situation. You’re wrong, I know that’s not a work you hear very ofter but- >> I already said you’re right. I already said you’re right.

>> So why do you want to continue on- >> I can’t offer you a bet, okay never mind. You won’t even let me talk- >> Go, let’s hear it. >> It’s crazy. We’ll call two professional players, and we’ll bet, as much as you want, that, that you can’t get either one of them to say that you would play the same- >> I need to be next to you. >> With half of this money. >> Shaun Deeb happened to come sit down and Andrew raised and Matt Glantz, all in.

It just happened that in that sample size. >> You’re wasting my time though, I agree with you. I agreed with that point.

>> So, why did you say, I think they should play their own money cuz they’re playing too tight. That had nothing to do with the situation. It had to do with all in, all in. It was the situation. >> Okay, I agree with you 100%.

>> Okay. >> I agreed with you three times. Would you like to say it a fourth time so I can agree with you? >> So, why are we still discussing this? >> I don’t know. The whole thing- >> I’m offering you a $10,000 bet.

Let me finish, Andrew. I’m offering you a $10,000 bet that if I call two professional poker players, and you can tell them everything, that you have a lot of money, he has a lot of money, neither one of you cares. >> I didn’t say we have a lot of money. I said we’re not like broke. >> Whatever you wanna say.

>> Okay. >> You can say whatever you want. >> Two in a row, by the way. >> But all I’m going to do is call a professional poker player- >> You know these are the kind of spots I like, right?

>> And I bet that both agree with me. Not just one, both agree with me that you’re going to play tighter when you’re sharing the same bank. >> Do you respect Shawn Buchanan? >> Yes he does. >> I like Shawn Buchanan a lot.

>> Okay, go ask him and tell him the situation I guarantee he’s going to what, no. >> Hey Greg, I get half this this bet please. >> Like he’s your best friend. [LAUGHING] >> But he doesn’t know who’s side of the bet is on, you just say there’s two players that have one side, like- >> The thing is, it doesn’t matter. >> Name another player or two.

>> If two people agree with Phil it doesn’t change the fact that you guys still might not play that way. >> Exactly, exactly. >> It doesn’t really matter, you can ask 40 people, and that doesn’t make you right because they all agree with you. They either play or they don’t. >> Right, I’m just trying to, I’m laying you two to one, I need both to agree to me. >> Should be good enough cuz you trust me, you know I’m an honest guy, I’m not going to lie to you.

>> You’re not really an honest guy. >> Yeah you’re a scum bag. [LAUGH] >> I believe you’d try to play your best, but I believe in the back of you’re mind you’re thinking, wow I don’t want to lose Shaun’s money, and so that might influence you. >> No, you’re wrong man.

>> Ask David Baker what he thinks. >> No back of mind never affected anybody in a poker game. >> It does, but not in this case. >> It does, but not in this case, okay. >> The whole thing is just so ironic though and I’m not trying to offend you but you’re like, you know you’re trying to say that, you know they’re playing tighter because playing on each other’s money, but, other than Gavin, you’re far and away the tightest player at the table.

You know what I mean, like- >> You know what, that’s- >> I’m convinced that we could put a cucumber in your seat and he would play more hands than you do. If we just had a little cucumber with glasses on, he would be a little bit more aggressive than you are. [LAUGHING] >> Whoa!

Dan Colman, welcome to the table. >> And yes, Andrew Hannah just went there. >> Oh my god, I zoned for a minute, but I came back to the cucumber.

>> That’s the best line of the tournament so far. A cucumber with glasses, I like it. >> It’s not a tournament Phil. And I didn’t like the fact that I was being told that I was tighter than him. [LAUGHING] >> You did 4-bet me.

>> You’re just mad at me cause- >> I didn’t even have a pair that hand. >> You’re the best Phil, everybody knows that. Dan I didn’t even have a pair- Hey Darv!

>> I forgot we are even playing a poker hand here. Glantz bets 200 with his pair of sevens. Baker raises. >> Sorry Shaun. >> He gets a call from Mueller and Mueller, playing tight or not, will win this pot. >> I was gonna fold cuz in the back of my mind I was worried about Shaun, but I said [BLEEP] em.

>> Well, that got a little awkward, but not to worry. I’m sure things will smooth out over the break. Poker Night in America is being brought to you by 888poker.com.

Where the world plays online. >> My bet stands, buddy. >> But you did go from five people to two.

You offered five at first, and now you’re down to two. >> No, no. I said everybody- >> You said one person at the table. Two have agreed with me right now. >> Well, of course but I wouldn’t of bet money on that, because I don’t know how smart people are at the table.

But I know if I to talk to professional gamblers. >> Oh my God. >> Yeah, that’s what I’m saying, you said 5 professionals then you went to 2. >> It’s just the bet is irrelevant because you could talk to 50 people and it doesn’t change whether it’s right or not. >> Phil everyone’s kinda- >> I understand, I understand you don’t understand it. >> No, but you’re implying that your professional friends might be more intelligent than anybody at the table.

I mean, most of us all play for a living, correct? >> I’m implying that my professional friends have a lot more experience and understand what it’s like to have shared bankrolls. >> I bet i’ve played more hands than most of your professional friends. >> Wow, dude. >> Dan is really taking offense to a lot of [BLEEP] you’re saying, Phil.

>> Yeah really. >> I think Andrew Hanna is venturing into some uncharted waters here. >> You’re, you’re a Charlton. [LAUGH] >> I knew somehow he didn’t like me when I asked him to move seats yesterday cuz I drew seat six and he glared at me for some reason.

>> No it’s because you wouldn’t let me get out of the seat. He was just standing over me. I literally had no room to back up, and he just kep going towards the seat.

And I was like, will you give me a second? >> Right, it was all me, it was all me. >> So there’s a little bit, there’s a little bit of animosity between the two of you guys. >> There’s history, there’s history. >> No history, I, are you kidding?

Why would I dislike him? He seems like a great guy. But some people come in with pre, with thinking I’m a certain way. [CROSSTALK] >> Did you know who he was beforehand or no? >> Of course.

>> Did you hear of him? >> Of course. >> The real question is. >> Did you post on two plus two about him yesterday? [LAUGHING] >> Did you call him a Charlton? >> No, I have a tremendous amount of respect for you, obviously your accolades speak for themselves.

But don’t patronize me, that’s just ridiculous. >> I’m just aiming everything at you. Okay, I got it. No, I have a bet that Greg knows he can’t win, and he’s been arguing verifiably and rather than just be smart and saying I can’t win he’s trying this other angle.

And so I have him trapped so I want to try to beat him for 10,000. >> Yeah I know, you have your mouse traps and all that, but- >> I have him trapped and so he won’t, but he won’t, he’s not smart enough to say I’m right. >> The original bet was if anybody else at the table agreed. >> Two people- >> Gavin and I were the only two players that agreed, and then when he brought that up, you said well I’ll ask some of my professional friends because I don’t know how smart everybody is at the table. So you’re obviously aiming at the two of us- >> Is he calling me dumb? >> He’s calling the both of us dumb.

>> Go [BLEPP] yourself Hellmuth. >> It’s one thing to call Gavin dumb, but I mean- >> We might have to pull Helmuth out of the table. He’s really creating a lot of animosity here. At some point you gotta think of the greater good. I understand Phil Hellmuth brings ratings like- >> This is my life. >> Crazy!

>> This is my life, right here. >> But at some point you’ve gotta think of the greater good. >> It gets off the rails and I just put up with it. I man up, I shut up, and I smile somehow, but it gets off the, it’s really bad sometimes. But it’s so good for me, cuz I pick up so many fans putting up with it.

Yum yum. I was just talking to the public for a second. [LAUGH] >> You’ve got a big fan base.

>> I was wondering who you were talking to. [LAUGH] >> You’ve got to know your cameras. >> I see that, but yeah. >> That’s my camera. >> I’ve got mine right there. >> You know your cameras.

>> Or it could be Dan Colmans, it’s both of ours. >> Straddle. >> Ah, for those of you at home, my name is Andrew not Dan Colman. [LAUGHING] >> Sorry about that. I don’t mean to offend you or anything. >> Geeze Ash.

>> So this is your last chance. You want to make that bet or not? >> Which bet was that? >> Asking two professionals? >> Hundred? >> You can tell them whatever you want.

>> Who are the people we’re asking? >> Why don’t you name two? >> Bucky. >> The reason I want to name people that know me, is not because I think they’re going to side with me in the sense of allymenship.

I think that they know me, If I’m going to play different, whether I’m playing Shaun’s moneyor not. It’s a very personal question you’re asking. So, that’s why I would like to- >> Okay. I’ll let you choose Bucky, but I win if it’s even 1% difference, right?

I mean, I just said difference. >> So you brought this whole thing up cuz they might play 1% different. This is the whole reason this discussion’s going on?

>> Oh, I think you’re gonna play 20 or 30% different. >> Really? >> But the point is it’s different and you said it wasn’t different. >> But that’s an insult to me, Phil, cuz I told you I’m not gonna play any different. So you’re basically calling me a liar.

Like, I’m a little bit insulted. >> He’s not calling you a liar, he’s calling you a dumb ass. Not a liar. >> Oh dumb ass. >> He’s saying you don’t understand enough to know that you’re lying. >> I’m telling you in all honest truth, I, I don’t care who you ask or bet, it’s not gonna change the answer.

I’m playing. Whether I have half of Shaun or Shaun has half of me. I’m playing. The situation of poker based on what I’m gonna play. >> I believe you believe that.

I still wanna bet. >> He just opened and folded to a three bet. So obviously he’s still opening kind of light, right? >> Andrew, can you just shut up a second? Really, what do you want to do Greg?

[LAUGH] >> What was he saying, he smiles and take it in good stride. >> I mean really I mean you’ve said so many stupid things in a row that I just want to talk to Greg for a second then you can get back in. You wan to bet it or not?

>> I don’t see the point in the bet. Like I really don’t. >> Well I’d put ten thousand in my pocket is the point. And you know I love you. >> I know, but- >> And I know you know I believe you, I mean I haven’t insulted you though. >> Well kind of, you said you would bet that I’m playing 20 or 30% differently.

Like I don’t- >> I’m saying you play differently, you said you didn’t. That’s the bet. >> Will Mueller take the bet? Find out after this. Closed captioning is brought to you as a public service by Poker Night in America.

>> Welcome back to Poker Night in America. Lets return to our friendly game of poker. >> How much do I have to pay to change the conversation? >> We were done with it for a long time but Phil keeps bringing it up. >> One greyhound works for me.

>> All I’m saying Phil, is that I’m- >> Just say no. >> He doesn’t want to bet. >> We can move on. >> No bet, no bet.

Bet’s off. >> Yeah bet’s not happening. >> To make you, or maybe other people that may be thinking the same thing, when we sub in and out, we can have our racks, and take our chips, so that it’s mine.

And he can put his in, so it’s his. >> Wow that’s a good idea. >> Would that make everyone happier? >> Wonder who suggested that? >> I guarantee you, Matt- >> A long time ago. >> Matt Glantz is 100% behind that.

>> Okay, guys. >> Goodbye. >> I’ll be back in one orbit. >> So after all this discussion Greg Mueller is now pulling his half of the stack, and all of the money that is on the table does belong to Shaun Deeb.

>> I’m just going to play so many more hands now just to prove Phil right. >> I have one, I’m holding 1 plus 1 is 2 in my hands and it’s amazing how far the, you know, how far the and I’m trying to bet 10,000 that- >> Clock. >> That 1 plus 1 is 2. >> I wouldn’t bet 10,000 in somebody else’s opinion.

>> Yeah. >> What’s amazing to me is how far off the rails. >> Ah. >> It’s their kind of bet. >> Clock. >> Ashley do you have cucumber salads?

[LAUGH] >> Nobody wants to bet. >>Now you’re getting no action on the bet. >> I’d rather go back to Gavin swearing at me than listen to this anymore about this. >> Yeah, right? >> It’s great that you guys- >> I didn’t swear at you. >> The bet that never was, is what the segment can be called.

>> The whole show. >> Matt you’ve tightened up recently. >> What? >> I know, I still have chips, your credit’s good. >> Yeah I know. >> Hellmuth bets 500, he gets a call from Baker and a call from Gavin Smith.

Things have gotten awkwardly quiet around the table. >> David Baker is all in as his pair of tens turns into a pair of tens and a flush draw. >> Are you still on your first buy-in? >> Twenty one fifty.

No, my first buy-in went to David. >> Hellmuth is next for 2,150 if he wants to call with his pair of eights. >> Jack of hearts? >> Yeah, I would have never lost that hand. >> Gavin Smith also has the flush draw and a straight draw.

>> 100%. >> You would have never lost to my hand? >> I’m assuming Gavin Smith will call. >> He opened at 200. >> I opened for 200. He called, he called.

>> Oh I thought you flatted. >> No. >> Oh okay. >> I was under the gun raiser. >> That’s why I was thinking that hand was so weird.

>> No, I raised under the gun. >> Smith is thinking it over. >> Probably gonna gamble with you, David.

>> You’re so dead when he said that. >> I’m up, I’m up, I’m up for a gamble, I don’t mind gambling. >> I’m gambling. >> Do you have a pair? >> No, you wanna go twice?

>> Sure. I have a flush draw too, but I have a pair with it. >> Oh, you do?

I was kind of hoping you didn’t have the pair with it. >> All right, so they will put out two river cards. >> You just smooth Hellmuth, even when you had the button. >> He knew he was beat. >> River’s a four, so the first one goes to David Baker. So the worst he can do here is chop.

[LAUGH] >> I mean I have to say something. I haven’t won a pot today yet, so. >> River’s a nine and David Baker will pick up a 6,400 dollar pot. >> Button’s good. >> Straddle. >> Get all the respect, all the kids fold to you.

>> I got Gavin to fold to me twice. >> Yeah, that’s tough. >> I just called off 2100 bucks with no pair and you want to talk about my nittiness. >> No I don’t.

>> For having no pair- >> I didn’t, I said I got you to fold twice, I didn’t say that you’re, that this is your nit. Just because you didn’t have anything. >> Nobody comments when I give action, that’s for sure. Huh, everybody always notices all the other [BLEEP]. >> You know what the great thing is that a lot of these players will be at each others throat when they’re at the table, as soon as the cards are put away, and the chips are racked up, a lot of them instantly become best friends once again.

>> Hey Jack, Gavin getting close to you on hands played. >> Sometimes you just can’t play any. >> Gotta squeeze that look in, then you the opportunity of hitting any flop. >> Matt seems in a perfectly fine mood to me.

>> Everybody wants to know, needle. >> Thanks, Phil. >> I mu, I must say, though, it’s clear that since Phil’s come to the table. >> It is not as friendly of an environment. [LAUGH] >> I’m not saying Phil did that purposely, but he definitely created it. >> You know, I made a mistake, ’cause, you know, I’m wrong a lot and I admit it.

When I’m right, I just let it go instead of trying to make 10,000, cause it’s just, everything went crazy. >> You should be insistant when you’re wrong, or not when you’re right? >> No I like the fact that I can just say yup, I was wrong, you won that one, let’s move on. But people don’t move on that quickly you know.

>> And I think that when you called Dan and I stupid that was a little out of line. >> That would take some very clever editing. I don’t think you could find an edit that suggests that, but nice try. >> Well you said- >> I think you actually, totally inferred it. >> Definitely inferred it, I don’t think it would take much editing. >> Yeah you called us stupid but you did it in like a cowards way, where you didn’t just actually say it, you said it indirectly.

>> Thems fighting words. >> I wouldn’t say cowardly because he said, it was pretty obvious what he was saying. >> Let the adults talk for a second Andrew, let the adults talk for a second. [LAUGHING] >> Don’t hate me because I’m so young here, Phil, all right. >> You’re half of Phil’s age. >> I mean you’re just like everything is like so negative, you know.

Why? >> You know what the best part about Phil is, the dismissiveness. [LAUGH] When he dismisses someone, it’s so, so tilting.

>> This is the only time I get to talk to him though. Off the table, he won’t talk to me. On the table, I have to enjoy it. >> But the question is, have you tried to talk to him off the table?

Cause you see, he’s pretty engaging off the table. >>To some I guess. >> To some, yeah. >> Depends on the situation. >> The poker world knows how engaging I am.

Oh yeah that’s right, you’re a part of it. >> I am part of the poker world, so. I don’t know how you could say that. >> Right, right, right. I know you take it all personally, I got it. [LAUGH] >> You’re probably gonna win, I check.

>> Ace, ten. [LAUGH] >> I think you’re a good guy, Phil, and I think you’re an excellent tournament player. >> Oh. >> Oh. >> Oh! [CROSSTALK] >> That was a real good needle.

>> Phil has beaten cash games his entire life! And your saying that he’s not a good cash game player? >> I didn’t say that at all, did I infer that? >> In a cowardly way.

>> Did I infer that, is that what I did? >> That was cowardly. >> Phil how many years, Phil how many years have you been beating cash games for, that this young little punk wants to say that about you. [LAUGHING] >> What is going on here. Poker Night in America is being brought to you by 888poker.com.

Where the world plays online. >> As we push pause on Day two here at Rivers Pittsburgh. Our big winner is Jennifer Tilly, up over $17,000. Nice work, Jennifer and for Matt Glantz, it’s been a bad day at the office, down almost 16K. And when I mean bad day at the office, that’s like you and I getting our tie caught in the shredder and the boss finding out we’ve been expensing our lunches for the past six months. For more awkward and uncomfortable moments at the table, log onto pokernight.com, or find us on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube where you can see complete episodes and unedited livestreams.

For everyone here at Poker Night in America, I’m Chris Hanson. Poker Night is brought to you by 888 Poker. Where the world plays online. >> You’re wrong! >> I was trying to make a bet with Greg.

I think I had him trapped. >> You win the bet if one player agrees with you, that you and Shaun aren’t playing a lot tighter as a team. >> That’s not even the case cause me and Shaun like to needle each other and if he lost a big pot he’d kinda come smiling almost instead of being sad that he lost my money. >> And so he said to me, you lost this bet. And immediately I said, ‘You’re right.’

and he made another point and I said, ‘I agree with that.’ and so I agreed with his points instantly, but I had him trapped in a point he couldn’t win. No back of mind never affected anybody in a poker game. >> It does, but not in this case. >> It does but not in this case >> No. >> Okay.

>> Matt Glantz actually approached this situation a little differently and he said it is just human nature to maybe subconsciously, even 1%, play differently. And when he brought that up I was like, you know what, maybe he’s right. >> I expect him when he’s wrong to admit it right away.

And so it, you know, so then I started beating him up a little bit and then it just got out of control but he is a great guy and everybody loves him so. But when it comes to that fight bring it. [LAUGH]