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Poker Night In America

From Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida, this is Poker Night in America. [MUSIC] >> Welcome to Poker Night in America. I’m your host, Chris Hanson. We’re headed back to the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida for more of the poker and personalities you’ve come to expect from Poker Night in America, and although poker is indeed being played, you couldn’t be faulted for mistaking it for a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos. You see, anything that gets thrown in middle of that table is getting gobbled up just as fast as it gets put in, so the players might be smart to actually count their fingers after a show. Plus we’ll take some time away from our cash game and take a look at the unpredictable conclusion of the Rock’ n’ Roll Poker Open.

All of that to come and more, so let’s get to it. And using all of the fingers I’ve got, let’s tally up who’s making what at the cash games. As you can see $12,000 made so far at this game from Dan Weinman. The biggest loser is Jean-Robert Bellande, down almost 25K.

The blinds of this cash game, 25 and 50, optional $100 straddle posted by some of the players as well. >> Somebody just told me I’m so beautiful. >> Poker Night In America brought to you by 888 Poker where the world plays online. >> I’m gonna check it.

I’m gonna check it for you, Matt. >> I saw, it’s twenty three points with six minutes to go in the second. >> Looks like Shaun Deeb will start us off tonight raising with 4-5 suited. >> 16 to 7.

>> Brian Hastings calls with kings. No re-raise from the button. >> No, excuse me, Green Bay is up, I’m sorry >> Dan will call from the big blind. And it looks like Matt will call from the straddle.

And the flop is nine deuce eight. Something going on for everyone here, Weinman’s up and down draw. Russell flops two-pair, Deeb’s got the flush draw. And Hastings has an over pair so everybody here probably liking where they’re at. >> Ha ha! [SNORT] That’s funny.

[LAUGHING] >> Is that some kind of bet? >> Ha ha! That counts, it’s within ten seconds.

Every time Gavin grunts. >> Snorts, not grunts. >> It’s $100, snorts, excuse me, snorts. >> Ugh, that was a bad bet.

>> Dan’s over it, I snapped through about 100, he was, he was, I was free rolling after the first seven minutes of the show. >> What are you have? Like, over 1,000, right? >> I up five, no I’m up 500, cuz I.

>> Well I mean, you’ve been paid 1,000, so you’re up 500. >> Yeah, yeah, 500. >> Deeb lets his draw go, back to Brian. >> Got like 8k behind? >> Ah these are bigger than two, so, probably in that neighborhood. >> Hastings calls, and so now to Dan Wineman.

>> I, I have a specific question from one of my fans. >> Who for 1125 more is getting a great price, here to see the turn. >> One of them, I have 4. >> Four? [LAUGH] >> But I have a specific question for one of the players at this table. >> Well let’s let this pot brew and then you can.

>> Yeah alright after, after this pot. >> Dan calls. So, wow.

Over 6k in the pot as we go to the turn. It’s a ten. And everyone now, with plenty of money getting shipped around in the flop, slows down. They check to the river. It’s a five. So, Matt Russell playing the straddle for a hundred dollars has now turned that into a 6100 dollar winner so far.

He’s gonna try to get some more out of it, 1800 is the bet. And if you’re Brian Hastings with kings, you think. There’s gotta be a set out here or somebody had to make a straight on the turn.

Or maybe my kings are good. Now Dan Weinman finds himself in a very tough spot. You have two players on the river who obviously really liked their hand. So how happy is he with having top pair?

He makes the right call and folds. >> I got two pair. >> And so nine deuce wins a $9,700 pot to start us off from Matt Russell. >> So, I’ve got a question, Daniel. >> Yes.

>> From one of my adoring fans. And the question is why do you throw clubs. Quit mid round and cry constantly? [LAUGHING] >> Could you answer the question?

>> You don’t know who this is form? You don’t know who this is from? >> Josh I’m guessing.

>> From one of my fans. >> I don’t think Josh is a fan. [LAUGHING] >> Interesting cast of characters as usual here on Poker Night in America. Coming from all across the country here to Seminole Hard Rock. >> Gavin, Gavin. Gavin folds over to Shaun.

Were on Matt Afflek in seat one, have yet to see him play a hand tonight. Alan Richardson seat two on the button. Everyone folds to you, you automatically raise and he’s doing it with good cards. King, queen of diamonds. Makes it 300. Jean-Robert calls and Dan calls from the straddle.

So we’ve got three players going to the flop. Ace, seven, five with a couple of clubs. Dan is first to bet at 650. Back to Alan. With a call.

>> I’m all in. >> All in. >> And Jean-Robert’s gonna move all in.

He’s got the nut flush draw. It’s a nice little spot for Jean-Robert to pick this pot up, if he can get Weinman to fold, Richardson’s also gonna fold. But Weinman does not fold. He calls with top pair. >> Do you want to do anything?

>> Let’s go, let’s go two times. >> All right. They’re gonna run it twice. Here comes the first one, it’s a queen.

And the second one is a ten, no club and the turn on the second run is a king giving Bellande help but no king or club on the river. And John-Robert unfortunately’s going to get stacked again. >> Well tonight at this table for John-Robert Bellande if it wasn’t for bad luck he wouldn’t have any luck at all. It’s a $30,000 loss for John-Robert at his first ever appearance on Poker Night in America. We hate to see you go, J.R.B., but we sure liked having you at our table.

And don’t let all that needling from Gavin get you down, he does that to everybody. >> I really feel like Chris, Chris Hanson’s overrated in this, in this whole operation. Well, Gavin I’d like to disagree with you, but once again, you’ve read my soul and you’re one hundred percent right. After the break, we’re gonna switch gears and take a look at the nail biting conclusion to the Rock and Roll Poker Open worth half a million dollars, so stick around. Poker Night in America is being brought to you by 888poker.com. Where the world plays online.

>> Soda bottle water. Anybody soda bottle water? Banana?

Bottle water? Soda bottle water. >> Oh you got banana for me?

>> Yeah banana. Banana my friend. >> This is your banana?

>> Banana, banana. >> Thank you. >> Enjoy banana. >> Is it a good luck one?

>> Oh yeah, yes that’s a good one. >> I’m gonna play Poker Night. Is it a good one? >> Oh yes.

Welcome back to Poker Night in America. The Seminole Hard Rock n Roll Poker Open. Also going on while we were filming this week, it’s $3500 Championship that brought pros and amateurs from all over the world to south Florida.

>> I’m doing my homework. >> Six hundred and one total entries and a $2 million dollar prize pool. And here’s a look at the chip counts as we started our final six. [MUSIC] >> All in. The WPT Season seven player of the year Faraz Jaka went out in sixth place.

Shoved it in with Ace, King and couldn’t find either one of those and so he was eliminated but walked away with $91,000 in cash for sixth place. Steven McCoy known as Stevie Gee from Birmingham Alabama. >> How do you feel? >> Pretty good.

>> You think I’m going to get there or not? >> You gotta hold. [LAUGH] >> Walked away with $110,000 from Seminole Hard Rock in fifth place. And Jeff Chang goes back to Washington, D.C. in fourth place. That was good enough to bring home a $138,000 payday. And that leaves us three-handed for a championship worth almost half a million dollars.

From Boca Raton, Florida, this is Chris Bolek. He is the short stack with just over one point seven million. And second in chips with six point eight million is Andy Andrejevic.

And our big stack is Sean Winter entering three handed playing with nine point two million in chips. And he’s first to act in this hand. The next player eliminated will leave Seminole Hard Rock with $170,000. Second place, $270,000, and the champ, $480,000. >> All in.

>> Almost half a million dollar payday. >> Call. Well, we’ve some action right off the bat here, 3-handed.

And Chris Bolek is all in with queen, nine, and he gets called by Sean Winters, ace, queen, suited. Things not looking good for Chris. And the flop’s three, five eight. [MUSIC] And it’s a seven so a couple of more options open up now for Bolek. Got a gutter ball or a nine, and the rivers a six and look at that. He makes the gutter ball on the river.

From out the door to sit back down for Chris Bolek. Sean Winter, on the button. With aces and raising to 205,000. Ten, seven of clubs.

Now at this point, these players have been playing together for quite some time. And that’s where you start to wonder if they’re picking something up on some of the other players. Andy pairs his seven, but will not bet. They both check. And here’s the turn. It’s another nine.

And Andy’s betting 325. And now we’re gonna see the river, as these two players get involved in a huge pot. River’s another nine. So a full house for both players. And three handed you gotta believe that if you’ve got a full house you are rock solid.

Andy’s betting 575 into the chip leader. Let’s see if Sean calls or if he elects to raise. And he goes with the smart move and raises to 1.625.

And Andy calls, and that call is gonna cost him a lot of chips, as 4.4 million goes from one side of the table to the other. And that hand looks pretty darn good to you if you’re Andy Andrejevic. But unfortunately, it cost him a lot of chips.

Raising on the button with sevens here as we conclude the Rock and Roll Poker Open at Seminole Hard Rock. Almost half a million dollars on the line for first place in this tournament. >> All in.

>> Call. >> Just a couple hands ago, Bolek had doubled up with a lucky river, and now he’s looking to eliminate Andy, to go heads up. Flop his ace, jack, six. The tens from Chris Bolek are still ahead. And there’s a ten on the turn and that means Andrejvic is drawing dead and he’ll be eliminated in third place with $170,000 payday. I know it was this hand that eliminated him but the one before was the one that did the real damage.

When we come back, we’ll find out who’s walking away with almost half a million dollars in cash. Plus more cash game action, coming up. >> Last time you did that, you were bluffing. >> Well, raise me.

Closed captioning is brought to you as a public service by Poker Night in America. Welcome back to Poker Night in America. Two players are all that’s left from the Rock and Roll Poker Open, and there’s half a million dollars on the line, and these players are going at it.

Chip counts are pretty even as they got started with heads up. But after the first thirty hands, slowly the chips started making their way to the stack of Chris Bolek. >> I think it’s impossible for me to lose another hand. >> Well, Sean, if you don’t start winning them, this tournament will be over.

Sean limped in out of the small blind. And Bolek raises with pocket tens. >> I’m all in. >> Call.

>> From the big blind Winter moves all in. And a call. From Chris. He used tens to eliminate Andy. Let see if he can use them to eliminate Sean Winter as well. Here comes the flop.

It’s Queen, six, ten. And that’s all but going to do it for Sean Winter. [APPLAUSE] The turn is a three and that is it. Chris Bolek, starts three handed play as the short stack and walks away as the Seminole Hard Rock n Roll Poker Open Champion. >> Ugh, should of called the King, 8. >> And goes home with almost half a million dollars.

And our final six look like this. Bolek started as one of the short stacks, but in the end, he has all the chips. When you’re playing no limit, that’s the way it goes.

He walks away our winner. Now let’s get back to the cash game. Jean-Robert Bellande leaving our table. And again, all these players in for a 5K minimum buy in, and a 20,000 max buy in, and they’ve been playing for quite awhile at this table.

So, a lot of money has changed hands. >> Seen him take, really, the most ridiculous beats. >> Ken Aldridge, he goes by the nickname “Teach”. >> Raises with 6, 5 of hearts.

>> Oh, he won all the money? >> Ah, no everyone else who joined the game, Ellie lost, I lost. >> Matt Afflack folds.

Alan Richardson calls, suited ace. >> I mean, obviously whenever money’s tough you’ll play a little tighter, a little better. >> And three handed, right? >> Well, no.

We’re actually full for a while. >> Dan Weinman calls from his small blind with king queen. >> But ah, yeah. Some guy came, umm. [CROSSTALK] >> Phil Carson?

>> Yeah. >> And Matt Russell will call from the big blind. >> Mortensen played a little bit. >> If you’re ever looking for a good time, find Matt Russell and find a Spanish 21 table.

Take my word for it. Flop is five king six with a couple of clubs. >> We were playing two four, all the limit games. All the regular games and stud was three six. >> I like that, that’s good.

>> We went six, to three so I get to do 150 right? >> What happened? >> You know that Greenbay game’s crazy, they scored 37 points in the first half. >> Lot of money flying around the table here. >> It’s still 37 points. >> You got a nut flush draw, we’ve got two pair and we’ve got top pair for these players and nut flush just came home for Alan Richardson.

Teech still with a full house draw. He’s not totally out of the woods yet. >> You told me betting the under was the best bet of the week earlier. >> I, I also said that. And it’s gonna be good.

>> Well thirty seven at half, isn’t looking very good. >> Really, the, the number’s fifty five. The entire world’s on the over. >> It’s gonna go over. >> Right.

>> We just need 3 touchdowns. >> Eighteen points. Is that gonna happen? Yeah, yeah. [CROSSTALK] >> Bet from Alan is 1200. >> I never bet sports, but I have to take a bet on that.

>> To Dan who’s got top pair and no club. >> They scored 37 the first half and they still got 21 minutes left. >> Hundred. >> Okay you got it. >> That’s crazy. >> I’m telling you, the entire world.

>> I never bet sports I can’t help myself. >> He calls. >> The entire world’s on the over. [CROSSTALK] >> And Teach will call. >> They’re going to score three touchdowns. [CROSSTALK] >> Weinman’s drawing dead as we go to the river.

>> And that’s because it’s going to go over, >> So the river is a 3. [CROSSTALK] >> Richardson has the nuts. >> Just need 3 touchdowns. >> Yeah.

You said 18 points with that teams is not [BLEEP] hard. >> No. >> Ken Aldridge bets 800 which is tiny compared to the pot size. >> Teach, why’d you bet so little?

>> I want you to call. >> Last time you did that you were bluffing. >> Well raise me. >> I don’t know about that.

[LAUGH] >> Those are, those are fighting words. >> You just have the king of clubs? >> I promise you I’m not bluffing. >> I promise you have the king of clubs. >> I promise you I have better than that.

Much better than that. >> Much better than the king of clubs? >> Yeah. >> Wait, you’ve got another guy in. >> Dan doesn’t mind keep talking.

[LAUGHING] >> He’s gathering information. >> I’m gonna call whatever, so. >> You sure? >> Yeah. >> What’s Dan gonna do? >> I don’t care.

[LAUGH] >> Well I may care. He may have the “King of Clubs”. >> I hope he does. >> I hope doesn’t, then it’s a bad thing.

>> I hope he’s got the king four of clubs. >> Ken Aldridge, who’s a WSOP bracelet winner. He won that in a six handed event back in 2009. >> How much is that?

>> 800. >> Alan Richardson doesn’t have WSOP bracelet. He’s got a nice watch though and in this hand he’s got the nuts.

>> Raise. >> Hmm. >>> And here’s the raise to twenty-four hundred. Dan folds. >> Twenty four. Wow.

>> Ken finds himself in a spot that is, between a rock and a hard place here. >> And you thought I had the king of clubs and you’re still going to raise me. >> You told me you had much better than that. >> I do. I do have better than that. >> Well I hope you don’t raise me, then.

>> I’m not gonna raise you. >> All right, it’s good, good information to know. [LAUGH] [SNORT] >> But I did say if you raise me I’d call.

I did say if you raise me I’d call. >> You see about that one. >> Geeze. >> I’m glad I didn’t go all in. >> Dinner can’t get here fast enough. >> I think that’s the first ever Gavin snorting prop bit that I’ve ever heard of.

>> I don’t have a King. Do you have a ten? >> No, no, no, no that’s not what, you already told me that, earlier. >> What do you want to know. >> You’ve got to give me information above what you told me.

You don’t have a King. >> Above what I. >> Do you have better than fives and sixes? >> The answer’s probably not gonna be yes or no. It’s gonna be a little more complicated.

>> Oh. >> Well, how? >> I haven’t, I haven’t thought of an answer yet. >> Mm.

>> That’s bull [BLEEP]. >>Well Teach has already said he’s not going to raise. So the decision here is 1600 dollars whether you want to call to try to win a 10K pot or to fold and lose the pot.

You already said he’s not going to raise, I’m going to take him at his word at that. >> You decline giving me more information here. If that’s the way it’s going to be I’ll just call.

>> And there’s the call. And in the end, the cards will speak and Alan Richardson is the one who’s scooping the ten thousand dollar pot. >> Nice hand. >> Thank you, but I will pay for dinner now too.

So that wraps up day one of cashier at Seminole Hard Rock. And after the break, we’ll show you the tallies of the wins and losses, so stick around. Poker Night in America is being brought to you by 888poker.com. Where the world plays online. >> Welcome back to Poker Night in America.

Here’s your final results from day two. Pretty much you took $30,000 from Jean-Robert Bellande and spread it out over amongst the players. Taking the biggest chunk of that was Dan Weinman. He’s a 10K winner.

For more from Poker Night in America log onto pokernight.com or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. For everyone here at Poker Night in America, I’m Chris Hanson. Poker Night is brought to you by 888 Poker, where the world plays online. >> I’m gonna call, whatever.

I told him I was going to call regardless of the raise. I thought I had the best hand at the time. When he raised, then I knew I didn’t.

It’s hard for me to go back on my word even at the poker table. He didn’t quite give me as much information as he said he would. [LAUGH] But that’s okay too. And he ended up buying dinner for us.

Of course, I paid for it. [LAUGH]