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Roulette Winning Tips

Let’S say that you buy the DVD 5000 euro all right, so you study the DVD and you want to start with the low as possible 200 euros. Your session will be 30 euros per session, all right, so on 200 euros we play with ten cents minimum wager and we make 30 euros per session now because you started a DVD, you will gon na learn the super bet now when you are playing and making 30 euros as your goal, you can make even 70 euros or 80 euros because the super bet it’s a bet, it’s a big bet which calls times after times you will not play Superman every session, but from time to time you will get the Superman. So you will be much more money now. What about you are playing with 200 euros in 30 euros per session, let’s say 50 euros per session in 4 session. You have 400 euros.

So what we do when we have 400 euros in the mobile, we have 400 euros, the mathematic change, so the system, the secret – will still be the same, but the mathematics change. So if you have started with 200 euros playing with minimum wager ten cents, when we have 400 euros, we play with 20 cents minimum wager so 20. 40. 60. 80. 100.

120. We grow the back in this way. Now, if you have when, in the moment when we was having 50 euros, the session one session with 10 cents, we 20 – you temporary sense with 20 cents, if we were playing with 10 cents, minimum wager and we make 50 euros with 20 cents.

So when we have 400 euros, we can develop the amount of money, so we play with 20 cents when we play with DeSales, we make 100 euros per session all right. So in that time we play 2 sessions and we make 600 euros in the moment. We have 600 euros, we play with 30 cents minimum wager. If we play with 30 cents, we win 150 euros per session, all grows up in one month, the first month with 200 euros, starting bankroll.

You make 1000 euro. Now you have learned this type, so you have made from 200 euros in one month: 1000 euro. We go to the next level, so the next level will be you’ll play with 2,000 euros in one month you became at 10,000 euros because he’s pure mathematical. So if you are playing with 10 cents, we make 50 euros, but if you are playing with one you know minimum wager we make 500 euros. So it’s pure mathematical, bigger, is the amount bigger is the winnings.

You need to learn the process alright, so you need to learn the process. This is a very important to learn the roulette process, but in a moment you learn the process. It will be very easy for you to grow and grow and grow. Now.

I will tell you something from my past and not only from my past but from my students past then started to make 30 50 euros per session after 2 months 3 months. They decided to go to the VIP level. Now, in the VIP level, you can make 15 30 thousand euros per month de la Madrid. I learn your secrets. I know how to play was right.

Next, I told him exactly what we need to do. There are hundreds of casinos who letting you play in late in life: casinos. You can play with 25 pounds minimum wager, so you bet minimum bet on one number 25 pounds now. If you have 25 pounds, you can make thirty thousand pounds in one session. Why? Because it’s few mathematical, so you will play the same secret, but you will make thirty thousand pounds per session.

What you need to learn that psychology, the secret the calculations, the super bad and the strategies, all these things you have in five thousand euro DVD. But you will gon na do with this knowledge in the beginning, you will study, so you will gon na make, for example, practice you will Donna try to understand my secrets, after that, you will start to make money in the beginning will be tiny money because you Need to see that you have understand the secret, but with time you become better and better and better to be. Greedy is not bad when you follow the steps, but when you are greedy with you. Take, for example, my one formula, which is a proof only which is 550 euros, and you want to make thirty thousand euro with one formula. That means a greedy person. That means a problem that you need to solve these kind of problems you can solve only when you study roulette, so don’t focus yourself on one formula: focus yourself on the DVD 5000 euro, because inside the DVD you have the secret, the calculation, the psychology, the strategies And the super bath.

That means everything you need to know about life, so my friends don’t get greedy in one day two days you want to become millionaire. I became millionaire after ten years, but if you follow my process, you will be called millionaire. I am NOT an optimistic and a futuristic guy.

I don’t believe that the future is far away. I am realistic, I know what I’m talking about. I know that I need to give you all my 15 years, knowledge in a tiny month, two months to learn it. So the first object – my first goal is to give it to you my knowledge to understand my knowledge. After that we will focus ourselves on playing the VIP casual mode, superb at mode and so on.

You need to go step by step in all these criterias. So don’t be greedy, be realistic, we start below and we grow and we put much more money and much more money and much more money. If you are not able to make 50 euros, you will not be made a bulimic 5000 euros. You need to grow step by step, and it’s very simple is very nice when you will gon na make with 200 euros 1000 euro in one month.

That’S it my friend, it’s all mathematics! If you will gon na play with 2,000 euros in one month, you make 10000 euros. What about that? All right!

You are not prepared to play VIP mode. You will play for 6 or ten months or one year week, two thousand euros. So you start with two thousand: you make ten thousand you cash out again.

We start with two thousand. You can shout after one month, another ten thousand, and you can shout 3000. 3000. 3000 money, three, four weeks after how to cash out.

I will explain you. Of course, in my members area, this is the process, so don’t do on millionaires who tell you that you will become next day become eternal. It’S not true. It’S not realistic.

The realistic point is that you need to learn the secret. The first month for me is how to transmit you, the knowledge, after that we start to make money think about, even if you want to be able to make ten thousand euros in one month. If you play with two thousand euro you make in one point. Ten thousand, so in first session you become to four thousand euro. After in two sessions you become at six thousand euros.

Another tutor sessions you become in nine thousand euros everything right step by step. All the roulette have the possibility to play with maximally 25 cents per number 25 euros per number, so they start from 10 cents to 25 euros per number. Although let have you don’t have to play much more than that.

So, even if you stay focused on one year, 10 euros 10000 euro per month, there are 120 thousand euro in one year now, if you are able to make 100,000 euro in one year, my goal was realistic. True for you! So if you make 100,000 euro in one year, my work is that all right, my work is done. You need to see me as a master.

I am trying to help you, I’m not trying to confuse you, I’m not trying to lie to you. I am a realistic person. I’Ve made more than six hundred thousand euros in ten years of play, not read so I’m a professional read gamblers and I’m not millionaire in roulette. I became millionaire because I took the money won in roulette and I invested in luxury apartments, but I make more than six hundred thousand euros from rule F, so you can do that process too, don’t be greedy because the years will pass you see today.

You start today and soon you see that is next year and after the next year becomes the next year think in the next five years. What you were gon na do not seen in the first five days, see what you will gon na do in five years, and all realistic chances will change in your life. Nobody believes what they will do after five years.

Everybody believes, but they will do in the next five days. This is wrong. You need to be smarter, you need to be realistic and you need to be optimistic.

This is what you need to do. Every winners ask me: students which I have and they are making money. They have learned these secrets, all right, they started with low and they was growing and growing because they have accepted and on the street, mathematics roulette. It’S a group of numbers. If you follow the numbers, if I telling you right now play from A to B every session, we are playing the same thing. If you’re doing exactly as I teaching you, you will be delayed forever, don’t think about 1 million euro in one year.

My friends don’t think about like that, because making 1 million in one year. That means that you need to play on one hundred thousand euros. So you need to play on hundreds of thousands of euros to make millions, but you can start like everybody else, with 200 euros with two thousand euros and you grow and grow and grow. It’S not nice to make ten thousand pounds or euros in one month.

It’S a realistic proof. You can make it. You will not play every day. Everybody wants to play every day. In the moment. You have the secret.

You can play every day, but why to play every day, why to not play much better them every day? Why do you need to play sessions of 300 euros when you can play one session in one week or 3,000 euros? You understand? So if you are playing seven session in seven days, you make two thousand and one hundred euros, but if you are playing one session in one week, you need to play thirty minutes and make three thousand euros.

I hope that you understand by myself, because I’m a a person I see with my eyes, but maybe you see differently, so it’s totally different, how we view something if we watch a movie together, I see something you see something else. Even if you look the same movie, so the first step for me is to making you understand my secrets. This is my problem to transmit you, the secret and how you are gon na digest that knowledge is the most important thing. I am very good explaining you in English, Romanian and Italy in Tallinn.

I am very good to express myself and my secrets in these three languages, but it’s your responsibility to study. First and after that to act you need to study my friend I studied five years to understand roulette, it’s obvious that you need two weeks one month to study two. You need to be very good, but if you are scared to bet on big bets, you start with low we 200 euros in one month. You can make 1000 euro. This is wool and it’s very simple. It’S very simple because what I have seen along these years, there are so many who doesn’t like to play in VIP mode.

They are scared when I replay with the big money. So then you play with no money. You don’t have to play with big money.

All right, you need to steal yourself very good when you’re playing your life, you need to have my DVD 5000 you’ll. Let me do my job, but please not something. I am NOT a maker of you or 1 billion euro in one month. You can’t make 1 million in one on my friend. This is mathematically.

Getting I told you, there are hundreds of thousands of gamblers who plays aggressively. These are the losers of who left they playing hundreds of thousands of euros in five minutes, because they want achieve 1 million euro in one day. This is why there are so many losers. When we play with secrets, you play mathematically, you will not win hundreds of thousands of euros, but couple of hundreds of you knows, but that point over and over again in one year can make you one hundred thousand euros.