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The BEST Roulette System

All right and welcome to another video in this video we’re going to talk about the best system ever now. What do you think the best system is well guess what at this point, but there’s no best system. The best system is a combination of systems. Now, what I’m going to show you is about 10 11 different systems intertwined we’ll go through all these systems in the coming weeks, but I’m just going to play the systems and mix them up and you might get confused about what the hell I’m doing. But that’s the whole idea so I’ll actually go through each of these systems in the next few weeks, and probably one or two of these systems a week and what I’m doing is intertwining these.

So it’s an easy there easy systems with little tracking needed. So that’s what you want when you know them back to front you can bet them without writing anything down pretty much. So that’s the beauty of these systems. So, let’s make a start, starting at 5,000, we’re going to set a target profit of 100 100 year over hundred units. So let’s go: let’s do a first spin before okay, one that one some for another opportunity, one that one you!

Okay, let’s do a check, we’re halfway made 55 units profit and let’s keep going get out 100 target for more opportunities. As you can see, some test systems take a bit longer to set up, but usually they all come out in front. Okay, as you can see there, I got my profit of over 100 and some systems.

You get a lot more units back, but obviously more risk other systems that win as much but you’re betting more on those systems as in more coverage of the board. So you will not win as much but higher chance of getting those hit. So, as you can see there, I didn’t fast for the video it is. A demo account.

Obviously it’s not real money, but I like to show you in real time as I’m explaining. So I don’t make an expert escapes many, not escapes many, so I don’t make many mistakes. Okay, so that’s the actual systems in play. I played about ten eleven systems there and I’ll show you those all those systems over the coming weeks. Now some golden rules about using any systems, so we start with so the important things are one to stay with one strategy at a time. Don’T do multiple strategies you’ll get confused, so stick with the one strategies at once: don’t change strategies, as I indicated there, always remember your starting bankroll balance before starting a system.

Okay. So now, where you started so you can work out, okay or here actually in profit. After that system wins by the time, you’ll know when the system wins because it’ll land on those hit once so also it’s important to set obviously a stop loss. So you go well. If I minus fifty I’m going to stop, there have a bad day and restart another day or come back later, another time and set your profit target. So in my case I decided I’ll start with a hundred and also start with a profit target.

So in this case, I wanted a profit of 100. I reach that and I stopped have a break and come back later so as a bankroll it’s hard to determine, but I was doing 1:1 units per bet, so this type of strategy, where you’re mixing strategies you would want probably to be safe. Two hundred two hundred units should do it. Okay, now, if one of those strategies does fail, it’ll have to fail two or three times to actually wipe out your bankroll so they’re the system’s so join me in the upcoming weeks. So I can explain all the individual systems, then we’ll put them together and we’ll see how you go. Okay, so so remember practice every system separately, first, two got them down, pat over and over then they’ll become automatic, and by combining these systems, you’ve got a really strong winning chance of success.