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Win at Poker Using Card Counting Techniques

Today we are going to learn how to win at poker. The other thing we are going to cover is Tells, usually in poker you can’t see the cards. You don’t know what the players are holding so the best way to determine what you need to do is to be able to read the players. Some of the common things that players will do is when they hold something good they want to act like they don’t have anything good so there they will just push in chips on and out; it’s kind of like just slide them in and then they will not really say anything. They kind of do it with as little noise as possible. They are trying to hide a good hand.

Other times if a player does not have a great hand at all, they will sometimes act like they will by throwing in chips more aggressively than they normally do and that is to hide the fact that they have a weak hand. Another thing they will do when they have a weak hand they want to appear strong is they will make a vocal expression like “Ah! I guess… I guess I will stay in this hand.” That’s kind of like a sympathy thing that works in reverse-on if you know how to read them.

They are basically trying to act like they are just limping in and struggling, they have not had good cards come into them and really they are holding something strong. It is also known as chirp, anytime somebody says something like “okay I guess I will stay in.” It is considered chirping, they are giving away more than they need to and the most common thing that you see everybody do when you are playing private games during five card draw. Say for example, they have a pair and they discard three cards the dealer gives him three new cards, after they get through three new cards 90% of the players are playing private games to do this. They will move their cards around basically they don’t even realize that they are showing everybody else that they are matching up pairs or trips may be even four a kind and that’s a good indicator that they at least have a pair or two of a kind. If they move more than one card they definitely have more than two of a kind and its something you see 90% of the time.

Everyone does it without even thinking about it. So you should be aware of it too.